Minden Fencers AGM

>> 14 March 2010

It’s been a long time since the last update of the USM fencing club’s blog. So, I’m coming by to update some news of our club! Sorry if there’s any broken English… =p

Today, 14th March 2010, Minden Fencers AGM was held at 2pm at the training center. Problems of the club are being brought up by sir Lim, coach Kelvyn and other members. It is an open discussion among all the members. Other than that, the future goals of the club are also being set up. One of them is to have more achievement and more gold in the competitions. Besides that, we aimed to recruit more new members, especially the new students in the coming semester.

Oppsss!! The most important is… our new captains had been chosen!!
They are: Benson Law Kok Meng and Ler Shir Ni~ Cheer and congrats~ ^^

Thank you so much for our ex-captains, Jac n PK, not forgetting the other committees and seniors… Really appreciate all the efforts they had done for the clubs… I’m sure we will miss the training time we had went together, the happy moments, tough time and so on… Although it’s the end of the committee09/10, but it is not the end of fencing life! We can still enjoy it together all the time! =)

Lastly, dear fencers, let’s work together to strike the new goals of USM fencing club! GOGOGO!!